A Trusted Medi-Cal Partner

Our partners and team members put the care in healthcare. The combination of heart, values, compassion and core beliefs help connect with the needs of people in the California’s communities.

Latino family enjoying being together at home and playing with kids.

We Are Pioneers of Health Equity; We Still Raise the Bar

Couple carrying smiling baby boy playfullyWe focus on whole person health care solutions. Each community has unique needs and characteristics, so we partner with local groups and public agencies to build those solutions. We invest millions of dollars in programs that address social drivers of whole-health and improve outcomes for all Californians. Health Net has worked hand-in-hand with the state to build and develop the Medi-Cal system to serve those who depend on its health care safety net.

More than 85 percent of our members are enrolled through a government-sponsored plan, like Medicare and Medi-Cal. So, we understand the needs of our members and have the right experience to support them at every stage of life.

We Are Good Neighbors

Family at partyThat’s why Health Net partners with the state, counties, public health departments, providers, community-based organizations (CBOs) and more. Those CBOs are safe gathering spaces for all (from children and families to older members of the community); sources of housing assistance, nutrition and financial guidance; and credible leaders with integrity in California’s neighborhoods.

We also strive to serve as a reliable partner in the improvement of access for those who need quality care. Together, we can improve and transform the health of our communities, one person at a time.

That includes proactive engagement with local organizations that are already trusted in their communities to provide targeted care for populations of focus. Informed by community input and knowledge of local needs, Health Net understands the importance of a comprehensive, culturally-responsive
Community Supports network.

We Use Data to Develop Programs That Work

Accurate data allows Health Net to understand the Community Supports needs of the communities we serve. That informs how and where we implement Community Supports. We can identify the providers best suited to serve our Medi-Cal members. Members can search for programs and services in their neighborhood via findhelp.