Investing in the Future
of Health Care

As California continues its phased roll-out of CalAIM, Health Net remains a committed, trusted partner. We bring decades of experience, expertise and innovation to our relationships with the state, providers and community based organizations. Together, we develop solutions that improve care delivery and enhance our Medi-Cal safety net.


When members can’t get to care, we bring care to them. Long before COVID-19, our innovation-first approach to access brought virtual services to patients statewide. This same mindset drove our pandemic response. At the outset of the pandemic, we expanded telehealth services to all of our Medi-Cal enrollees — in just seven weeks.

In April and May of 2020, we also helped Medi-Cal providers expand telehealth access. We did that with $13.4 million in grants to 138 safety net clinics across the state. The result?

On average, providers increased telehealth visits to 45% during the grant period versus 2% prior to the pandemic. That’s a more than 20-fold increase. How did they achieve that? Grantees used roughly 30% of the funds to train staff and nearly 70% to buy software and video equipment. To learn more about these and other positive outcomes, click here.



City of Oakland

Roots Community Health Center was able to expand their telehealth services and increase access to healthcare for over 10,000 of their Medi-Cal, low-income and uninsured patients thanks to support from Health Net.


Butte County

To help bridge the access gap impacting rural communities, Health Net provided the Feather River Tribal Health Center a grant that allowed them to build new telemedicine infrastructure amid the pandemic including live video visits and e-consultations.

Encounter Data

To improve future care, we must understand current care. Health Net has partnered with the state and invested $50 million to improve the timely reporting of complete and accurate encounter data for all health plans and providers.

This initiative allows everyone to better understand how enrollees in underserved communities seek and find care. With these insights, we can improve quality of care and reduce disparities.

Innovative Best Practices

Achieving health equity begins with access to quality care. It requires that we and our partners consider the needs of our members holistically. Thus, our multi-faceted solutions, many built on innovation, help promote whole-person health. Alongside CalAIM, our model helps deliver seamless, coordinated care for our members at every stage of life.

We’ve documented our approach to innovating within Medi-Cal in an industry report here. Our model rests on three critical foundations: