Investing in the Future
of Healthcare Test

California’s healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and Health Net is committed to innovating alongside of it. Whether it be systemwide improvements to better track and collect patient health data or expanding access to new telehealth services — we are collaborating with community organizations and providers to enhance the delivery of high-quality healthcare and invest in the future.


Increasing equitable access to quality healthcare throughout California means innovating. During the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth emerged as one of the safest and most effective ways for healthcare providers to continue to treat patients. Recognizing the value of telemedicine in both a pandemic and post-pandemic world, Health Net is leaning in to ensure safety net providers can:

To accomplish these goals, Health Net worked in collaboration with the Department of Managed Healthcare to establish a fast-action, multi-million dollar grant program at the onset of the pandemic to build and expand access to telehealth technology including live video visits, e-consultations, tele-psychiatry and more ‐ ultimately awarding $13.4 million in grants to nearly 140 Medi-Cal providers.



City of Oakland

Roots Community Health Center was able to expand their telehealth services and increase access to healthcare for over 10,000 of their Medi-Cal, low-income and uninsured patients thanks to support from Health Net.


Butte County

To help bridge the access gap impacting rural communities, Health Net provided the Feather River Tribal Health Center a grant that allowed them to build new telemedicine infrastructure amid the pandemic including live video visits and e-consultations.