We Invest in Partnerships

For many people in California, basic health care requires engagement, knowledge about how to get care and access where they live. That’s why we work with county health agencies, community-based organizations and other partners to build and maintain innovative programs. We listen, learn and invest in essential care.

Together, we address barriers to physical, behavioral, social and long-term health needs. These partnerships foster stronger, healthier communities across our state.

We Help the Unhoused

Health Net bridges the divide between managed care plans, nonprofits and county agencies to provide our unhoused members the services they need in new and more effective ways. Health Net also funds necessities like shelter, food and transportation. Together, these efforts help create a safety net that lifts up our state’s most vulnerable to give them a chance at a better future.

We’ve committed millions in grants to support California’s unhoused Medi-Cal members through housing and other supportive services. These funds support local Continuum of Care (CoC) programs and other housing services agencies across
26 counties. Our wraparound approach also extends to the families and children of our unhoused members.

We aim to break the cycle through treatment of the whole person. Read our Homelessness Fact Sheet to learn more about approach.

Smiling volunteer giving clothes to homeless woman at community center
Group of friends overlooking city at sunset.

We Support Behavioral Health

We work to address the whole person and adopt that mindset with our members, providers and community partners. In this way, we address not only physical issues, but also behavioral, social and long-term health needs. We do this through our programs and in our partnerships with counties and community organizations.

We Support Children From the Beginning

Health Net provides and supports care where kids need it – at home, in schools and at the doctor’s office. To provide care at every stage of life, it’s important to start before birth through prenatal and maternal health services. We need to address trauma at the start, make sure people heal and stop the cycle of generational impacts.

Our focus also includes key metrics and goals prioritized by the California Department of Health Care Services and National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) on colorectal cancer, high blood pressure, mental health and diabetes. These measures are stratified by race and ethnicity, so we can reduce disparities.

We champion doula care, invest in well-child and adolescent visits and bring immunizations/vaccinations to the community. Our investments also include preventive programs.

Group of children (6-7, 8-9) running in park, autumn

We Connect and Serve Across California

Partnerships are key to Health Net’s success as we increase access to care for the communities we serve. We engage with state, county and local organizations to identify the specific needs of a given area.

Our three recreational vehicles (RVs) show up at community events during the year to offer free wellness screenings, preventative care, vaccinations, resources and more.

In 2023, Health Net partnered with nearly 50 organizations to co-host more than 175 events.

The screenings test for sun damage, bone density, grip strength, glucose levels, cholesterol and more. This helps thousands of Californians, especially in the Los Angeles area, to get care they may not otherwise access.

Mobile RV clinic