Building Stronger

The best way to care for patients with complex issues is to consider their needs holistically. That’s why we work with counties, community organizations and other partners to build innovative programs. Together, we address physical, behavioral, social and long-term health needs. These partnerships foster stronger, healthier communities across our state.

Behavioral Health

We work to address the whole person and adopt that mindset with our members, providers and community partners. In this way, we address not only physical issues, but also behavioral, social and long-term health needs. We do this through our programs and in our partnerships with counties and community organizations.


Health Net bridges the divide between managed care plans, non-profits and county agencies to provide our unhoused members the services they need in new and more effective ways. Health Net also funds necessities like shelter, food and transportation. Together, these efforts help create a safety net that lifts-up our state’s most vulnerable to give them a chance at a better future.

Our wraparound approach also extends to the families and children of our unhoused members. Ultimately, we aim to break the cycle by treating the whole person. Read our fact sheet to learn more about our wraparound approach.



Los Angeles

Health Net invested in the JWCH/Wesley Health Center to help build Corner of Hope in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The new facility provides behavioral health services, substance abuse treatment and outreach programs in the Skid Row community. As a result, JWCH is able to help an additional 750 patients each year.

Partner Spotlight
Hazel Health

Health Net has also expanded access to high-quality physical and mental health care for California children at K-12 schools through its partnership with Hazel Health, the national leader in school-based telehealth.

Health Net and L.A. Care Health Plan will give up to $24 million over two years to cover the cost of the program. Hazel Health expects to provide Mental Health support for more than 1.3 million L.A. County students.

Our $3 million in grants, especially in Los Angeles County school districts, support Hazel Health’s work to close equity gaps and advance education through increased access to medical care and behavioral support.

This extension of care — beyond the home and doctor’s office and into the schools — reduces absenteeism and helps avoid wider educational disparity (as students in lower-income areas stay in school more often).

Hazel Health’s physical and mental health services have helped students in over 130 schools across California where Health Net has members. At these schools, students who had an in-school physical health visit with Hazel were able to safely return to class 85% of the time. That return rate for a single school year resulted in about 2,300 additional hours of class time for California students who would have otherwise been sent home.