We Drive Health Equity

In order to reduce health disparity gaps and improve outcomes, we need to enhance access to quality care. That requires a robust whole-person health model that directly addresses social drivers. Progress relies on metrics, including by race and ethnicity. We work with partners to close gaps and improve our communities. Health Net has received numerous awards and accreditations.

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We Weave Health Equity into Our Work

California’s incredible diversity is magnified in its Medi-Cal membership. These residents historically experience health disparities at higher rates than the general population. A wide range of social drivers of health worsen health disparity gaps, including:

  • Food insecurity
  • Housing instability & discrimination
  • Lack of employment opportunities
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Institutional racism & many other factors

Because two-thirds of Health Net members are enrolled in Medi-Cal, we’ve invested millions of dollars into local partnerships to address these social drivers of health. As a result, we’ve learned what approaches work better than others.

For an in-depth review of our analysis & best practices, please read our Health Equity Key Findings Report here.

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Hazel Health

Hazel Health provides mental health support to more than 1.3 million Los Angeles County students with support from Health Net.

This expanded access to high-quality physical and mental health care will help children at K-12 schools via the national leader in school-based telehealth.

Schools will see reduced absenteeism and avoid educational disparity (as students in lower-income areas stay in school more often).