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Health Net expands access at all levels to drive equity and deliver quality care when, where and how people need it. We call that Bridging the Divide.

About Health Net

Health Net was founded more than 40 years ago in California. With decades of experience caring for California’s most vulnerable residents, Health Net has worked hand-in-hand with the state to build the Medi-Cal safety net and serve those who depend on it.

Today, two-thirds of Health Net’s members are Medi-Cal enrollees — low-income adults, seniors, pregnant women, children and foster children, undocumented residents and persons with disabilities. We bring focused and unmatched knowledge of their specialized needs and tailor solutions to help them meet their unique challenges. These challenges include:

  1. Health Inequities: What drives health disparities among racial and ethnic groups? Systemic racism, socioeconomic status, age, social determinants of health and other factors have a negative impact. Only a collaborative effort can combat these disparities and improve health equity. Equally important is a renewed focus on this issue by every healthcare stakeholder.
  2. High Rate of Chronic Conditions: The rate of chronic health conditions is growing. In California, 14 million adults (38%) live with at least one chronic condition — and more than half of these patients live with multiple. The most prevalent – including hypertension, asthma, heart disease, and diabetes — are public health challenges that underscore the need to enhance access to healthcare.
  3. An Uneven Provider Presence: Many of our state’s healthcare providers are clustered in urban areas, often outside the rural safety net system. This uneven distribution of providers, coupled with a growing national shortage, has left some patients and regions underserved. Targeted solutions are the best options to overcome provider shortages.

We know from experience that healthcare starts at the community level. Together with county agencies, community clinics, hospitals, homeless shelters, food banks and our education and justice systems, we develop and fund localized programs and solutions.

In fact, since 2017, we’ve invested $93 million in nearly 500 community initiatives to bridge the divide in access, equity and quality of healthcare. Together, we are transforming the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time.


$93M+ Invested to Bridge the Divide in Access, Equity & Quality of Healthcare


Enhancing Access
to Healthcare

We build bridges to care when we expand access to providers and connect patients, providers and communities. That’s why Health Net invests in innovative community and technology resources that meet members where they are and expand access to care at every level.

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Building Stronger

The best way to care for patients with complex issues is to consider their needs holistically. That’s why we work with counties, community organizations and other partners to build innovative programs that address not only physical issues, but also behavioral, social and long-term health needs. These partnerships foster stronger, healthier communities across our state.

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Investing in the
Future of Healthcare

As California envisions the future of Medi-Cal under CalAIM, Health Net is a committed, trusted partner. We bring experience, relationships, understanding, national best practices and innovations to develop solutions that evolve care delivery and enhance our state’s healthcare safety net. From system-wide IT upgrades to better tracking and collection of patient health data and expanded access to new telehealth services, we help transform the Medi-Cal delivery system from the inside out.

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including homelessness, workforce development, telehealth and more — through grantee programs statewide.

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