We recently hosted a webinar on CalAIM & Advancing Health Equity. Watch here!

Health Net expands access at all levels to drive equity and deliver quality care when, where and how people need it. We call that Bridging the Divide.

About Health Net

Health Net was founded more than 40 years ago in California. We’re one of the state’s longest serving and most experienced Medi-Cal partners, serving California’s most vulnerable residents for more than 25 years. Health Net works hand-in-hand with the state to help build Medi-Cal and serve those who depend on its healthcare safety net.

We believe achieving health equity starts first and foremost with access to quality care. That’s why Health Net invests in innovative healthcare solutions with local partners to meet members where they are. In fact, since 2017, we’ve invested more than $100 million in nearly 500 local community initiatives to bridge the divide in access, health equity and quality of healthcare.

The state’s CalAIM initiative has brought these and other health equity efforts into even greater focus as we collectively work to enhance the Medi-Cal safety net. Health Net remains committed to providing necessary resources to build the capacity required to serve Medi-Cal members who need CalAIM services.

Together, with our state and local partners, Health Net transforms the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time.


$100M Invested to Bridge the Divide in Access, Equity & Quality of Healthcare


Enhancing Access
to Healthcare

We build bridges to care when we expand access to providers and connect patients, providers and communities. That’s why Health Net invests in innovative community and technology resources that meet members where they are and expand access to care at every level.

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Building Stronger

The best way to care for patients with complex issues is to consider their needs holistically. That’s why we work with counties, community organizations and other partners to build innovative programs. These programs address not only physical issues, but also behavioral, social and long-term health needs. These partnerships foster stronger, healthier communities across our state.

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Investing in the
Future of Healthcare

As California continues its phased roll-out of CalAIM, Health Net remains a committed, trusted partner. We bring decades of experience, expertise and innovation to our relationships with the state, providers and community based organizations. Together, we develop solutions that improve care delivery and enhance our Medi-Cal safety net.

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including homelessness, workforce development, telehealth and more — through grantee programs statewide.

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